Zen Sounds: Healing Sounds

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Click the 'Enable' button or say 'Alexa enable Healing Sounds'. Then you can say 'Alexa open Healing Sounds' to begin skill.

Sleep well at night or bring peace to your busy life with Healing Sounds. Close your eyes and relax. These sounds are good for meditation or relaxation.

We use a high quality 1 hour audio stream, not 2 min loops with pauses some other sound providers use.

Look for other Zen Sounds in the Skill Store. Search for:

- Zen Sounds
- Japanese Garden Sounds
- Beach Sounds
- Spirit Sounds
- Himalaya Sounds
- Wolf Sounds
- Desert Sounds
- Delta Sounds
- Thunder Sounds
- Borneo Sounds
- Celtic Sounds
- Cosmic Sounds

Please note: the word healing in the title is used in a peaceful/ spiritual sense only and we advise you to seek medical advice for suspected or real conditions.

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