Zen Sounds: Celtic Sounds

#439 Amazon Alexa Global Rank

Click the 'Enable' button or say 'Alexa enable Celtic Sounds'. Then you can say 'Alexa open Celtic Sounds' to begin skill.

Sleep well at night & bring peace to your life with Celtic Sounds inspired by the beauty of Ireland. This skill helps you relax, meditate or sleep.

We use a high quality 1 hour audio stream, not 2 min loops with pauses some other sound providers use.

Look for other Zen Sounds in the Skill Store. Search for:

- Zen Sounds
- Healing Sounds
- Japanese Garden Sounds
- Beach Sounds
- Spirit Sounds
- Himalaya Sounds
- Wolf Sounds
- Desert Sounds
- Delta Sounds
- Thunder Sounds
- Borneo Sounds
- Cosmic Sounds

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