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My hubby and I have embarked on a journey towards a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, we finally reached a point where we were ready to make some changes. Here I shall chart our experiences as we undertake Nutritional Cleansing to rid our bodies of toxins, finding yummy alternative food ideas through the Paleo diet to nourish our lovely new bodies and my desire to help others feel great through reflexology.

What started as a personal journey to get 'me' back after baby number 2 has turned into an incredible opportunity to now coach others through the process and not only change people's health to optimum level but for those interested in a work from home opportunity this has completely changed my life around and I am so happy to support anyone with a desire to change their circumstance and build a strong financial wall around their families future.

We have people joining our team from: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Peurto Rico, Mexico, Columbia, Taiwan... coming soon: Vietnam and Indonesia. PM me for more details happy to skype or email info.

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