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Mobile Interaction for Refugee integration – MiRi [L’Interaction Mobile au service de l’Intégration – iMi]

The SnT-based research project “Mobile Interaction for Refugee Integration (MiRi) - L’interaction mobile au service de l’intégration (iMi)” explores digital support activities for asylum seekers (DPI) and beneficiaries of international protection (BPI).

The main object is to create a mobile communication and learning tool that runs on mobile devices. The “” platform offers interactive and multilingual features in relation to topics such as applying for international protection, localisation of resources, imminent needs and demands, integration into the Luxembourgish society, language learning opportunities or interactive storytelling.

In a first phase, the tool will grant easy and user-friendly access to electronic resources offered by ministries and support organisations in Luxembourg. A more advanced version will be developed together with all stakeholders, i.e. the refugee community, support professionals and volunteers. Based on a judicious needs analysis, it will provide features of multimodal communication, content co-creation, video-collaboration and mutual learning between migrants and residents. The flexible architecture of the tool allows to include any functionality that might result from the ongoing tracking of its use.

The MiRi project (2016-2019) is conducted in cooperation with ASTI a.s.b.l. and financed by the “mateneen” Programme of the Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte.

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