Worship Addicts

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Worship Addicts is a Christian group advocating and standing for worship of the Lord Jesus Christ. We aim to steer believer (and win unbelievers too) primarily through praise and worship music that is engaging, devotional, personal, expressive, often labeled as “prayer music”. To date we have released four albums through own savings as we are not a “signed to any record label”. The independence safeguards the mission. The albums are Praise Addicts 1 and 2 as well as Worship Addicts Devotional Volume 1 and Volume 2 and Volume 3 in April 2013. The later being a devotional series for which we aim to release an album three times a year.

Addicted to worship, we are Worship Addicts,

Contact : +263773022253 Get the CDs in UK call +447412390307; Australia - Sydney +61425257467 ; Brisbane +61450459588, Perth +61412206976 : Praise Addicts 1 & 2 and Worship Addicts Vol 1 & 2 Or Download on Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby.

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