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Are you tired of cooking kilos of meat each week? Don’t have the time to constantly shop and then prepare your meals? Had enough of steaming vegetables and boiling rice?

Most of us understand that eating the correct foods and portions specific to you is crucial to any workout routine. Not having the time to prepare your foods leads you down the path of failure and into buying food that hasn't got the nutrition your body needs to train and recover. can ensure you have access to nutritional meals, and assist with the ease of not worrying about shopping, cooking and preparing your meals. delivers healthy freshly prepared food delivered directly to your door step to rid you of this pain for good! All you have to do is go to our page and tell us what you want. It's that simple!

Choose from the following options: Chicken, Beef, Kangaroo, Fish, Beef meatballs or Chicken and Pork meatballs. All meals are accompanied with vegetables and rice).

An example meal would be:

180 grams of grilled Chicken Breast
150 grams of boiled rice
 80 grams of steamed vegetables

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