Word Games - Anagrams, Hangman and more.

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A fantastic anagram solving word game for you that keeps track of your score over a period of time. Useful features such as Hints help you expand your vocabulary without opening a dictionary.

Once you tell Alexa to play word games followed by play, a new round will begin. In each round you need to solve 3 anagrams. When you answer, then please use complete sentences to make it easier for Alexa to understand.

In case you are stuck, you may take a hint by saying Give me a hint and Alexa will guide you through the steps to unscramble the word. Remember, each hint costs you 20 points!

Good luck with the games!

We are adding new features to this regularly and look forward to your feedback. You may reach us via email [email protected].

This Alexa skill has been developed by the Lexulous Word Game team.

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