WIZ - Say it wiz movie scenes!

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Want to say it with panache but emojis aren't cutting it? Let the movie wiz summon folks like Leo Di Caprio or Sam L. Jackson to do the talking for you ;-)

Just add @wiz in any of your conversation to spice it up with legendary movie quotes. ex: @wiz back ...will summon a video of Schwarzenegger's epic I'll be back

Like Sam L. Jackson's epic line delivery? Try: @wiz snakes

We manually & carefully selected the very best movie quotes and use only one tag per video, so you're sure to get the good stuff. Once you learn them. It will be your secret conversational weapon. So get started now!

TIP #1: Type a few favorite emojis and forward it in a conversation ;-) TIP #2: Tap the little keyboard icon to type something instead of the suggestions.

Here's a list of tags we support: abandon thread adorable agree alive amazing angry apathy applause awesome awkward beach beautiful beginning birthday bitch please bored brb bromance bye celebration cheers chill out clapping confused cool story bro cool crazy creep cry face crying cute damn dance moves dat ass deal with it disapointed disbelief dislike dissapointed do not want dramatic drugs drunk dude embarassed eww excited eye roll eyes fabulous face palm fail family fashion fashion feelings finger guns finger pistols finger wag fire fired fist bump fit flirt freak out friday great gross gun shot happy brithday happy dance happy hearts hell no hell yes hello hey hi 5 hi high 5 holiday hungry incorrect jaw drop joy joy judgement kiss kissing laughing licking like listen lol lonely lose my shit loser loses it love love mad marijuana me too meltdown mic drop middle finger mind blown money music my bad neutral no problem no way no nom nomming obviously oh no she didn't oh no you didn't ok omg oops orgasm pain panic pardon party pathetic peace pissed pizza please pray problem raised hands raises glass ridiculous relaxed relieved romance sad sarcasm say what scared sexy shakes head shit shock shut up side eye silly sleepy slow clap slowmo smalls smh sob sobbing sorry sorry stoned stressed stunned success sunglasses surprised suspicion sweet table flip tears of joy tears temper thank you throw up thumbs down thumbs up tired true dat truth twerk unamused understand understanding unimpressed unphased upset vacation vomit wait hold up want wasted wave weed weird werk wtf whatever wild wink winning woot wow wrong yay yes yoga you lose

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