WiSilica Platform

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WiSilica Smart Home Platform needs WiSilica Mesh hardware to perform device operations.

You can also download the WiSilica platform application from Google Play Store, and Apple App Store. Search for 'wiseplatform' and install the application.

You can add Bluetooth based Smart Home Devices using our application.
For that first you need to add Organisations and then scan for devices and add devices to the Organisation. You can perform operations on these added devices.

You can operate the devices configured in WiSilica platform from Amazon Echo using the Alexa assistant. The interaction model is as follows

* Alexa open WiSilica this will list the names of organizations in WiSilica platform for the linked user.

* Alexa ask wisilica to open {organization name}

* Alexa ask wisilica to get my devices

* Alexa ask wisilica to turn on {device name}

* Alexa ask wisilica to turn off {device name}

For each device operation the app will receive notification on successful device operation. For detailed description on how to add devices and operate the WiSilica platform, please refer to the help pages for the app in the App Store and Play Store. You can also see a demo video on how to operate the platform.

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