Who I Am in Christ (Biblical Affirmations)

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Enable this skill to hear what the Bible says about Christians. Ask Alexa, open bible affirmations and who am I, tell me who I am, tell me truth, what does the bible say, or what does Jesus say.

This Biblical Affirmations skill is short and simple on purpose. When you open it, one affirmation from scripture will be read two times. This is intended to offer quick reminders as you scurry about your day and home.

In our modern world, everyone and everything tries to define you and tell you what and who you are or are not. This simple skill helps Christians focus on what the Bible and Jesus Christ say about who they are as they seek to love, worship, and obey Jesus.

Also, check out the version 1 release of our Christian Meditation Alexa skill here: This is a longer-form meditation skill that reads a selection of scripture and offers a few prompts for how to process, apply, and enjoy it.

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