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Ever had to have a friend call your phone so you could find it in your house? With Where'sMyPhone, that friend is now Alexa. After a quick and painless setup process, your Alexa-enabled device can instantly call your mobile phone to help you find it. Unlike other available skills, Where'sMyPhone actually dials your phone number instead of relying on any special phone-site apps, so it works with any phone.

Where'sMyPhone currently only works with 10-digit North American Numbering Plan phone numbers (numbers with the country code +1.)

Privacy notice: Where'sMyPhone collects your phone number and an anonymized identifier to allow it to call you when requested. This data is stored in a secure cloud database. Calls administered via the service are delivered through a San Francisco number, +1 (415) 527-3463. This is the only number that will call you through this skill.

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