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N/A Facebook Messenger Global Rank isn't the Britain's Biggest Bridal Brand for nothing… Unique to the market, it is jam-packed with practical, down-to-earth and sisterly advice. It's stylish, understanding and warm. Like the bride to be's companion guide to everything 'wedding' it is like a chief bridesmaid and big sister all rolled into one neat package which can be tucked into a handbag and taken anywhere.

Started in 2003 and still growing by the issue, Wedding Ideas is an essential purchase for anyone looking to have their dream day, on any budget. Published every four weeks (so 13 issues a year) and A4 in size, Wedding Ideas is an absolute steal at just £3.99. Coupled with its brilliant website, Wedding Ideas is unbeatable!

Wedding Ideas is truly interactive. We encourage our readers to become immersed in the world of Wedding Ideas, through the magazine and the website. We run lots of pages of real weddings each month, a letters page, a website watch feature and we have a thriving forum on which you will find a plethora of fabulous ideas, tips, advice and the most sympathetic audience in the world! We all understand weddings and how important the big day is to our readers and we have the unique ability to talk our readers' language.

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