We Are Human Angels

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ARE YOU A HUMAN ANGEL? FIND OUT HERE: If since childhood you have wanted to change the world and have not stopped believing…If you have always dreamed of relieving the sorrows of all living beings…If you feel that you have a special talent to help others…If you have an out of the ordinary sensitivity…If you have overcome difficult trials in your life…If you think that despite everything, life should be lived with joy…If, while always trying to give meaning to your suffering, you believe that there must be a way to stop yours and others suffering…If in your heart there is no room for hatred and resentment…If you always try to change evil into good and darkness into light…If you always follow your heart even when it seems to be the hardest thing to do…If you have always had a vision of heaven on earth and would like to spread it throughout the world…If you have the ability to read people and know what is hidden within their hearts…If you silently bless everyone you encounter in your life…If you, from the very beginning, have always felt a sense of not belonging to this world…If you have never been able to relate yourself with any group of people, but you have always had a deep desire to connect yourself with your Souls’ family here on earth…If the search for truth is your greatest passion…If you live with honesty even when it hurts…If you believe in the healing power of Love…If you still have the same dreams you had when you were a pure-hearted child…If you feel you were born for a greater purpose and would like to express it… are a Human Angel and you are just trying to remember.

Human Angels are souls who have chosen to be born now on this planet to awaken themselves and humanity to Unconditional Love and Awareness of the Oneness. Human Angels are beacons that simply being who they are, illuminate the darkness, to help those who are still on the path to stay the course. If you feel you are a Human Angel, the time has come to open your heart and unfold your wings. (An excerpt from our book)


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