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VoIPX customers can now trigger calls via Alexa.

VoIPX customers can login to and create a phonebook for Alexa to call from. You can create contacts via a CSV file or create them manually. When setting up the app through our web interface, you must set your originating phone extension in the settings section. All calls will show the caller id tied to your extension in the VoIPX PBX system.

User's must link their account through the Alexa app to start using this service. Once you have your account linked with Alexa you can then ask Alexa to tell VoIPX to call a contact in your phonebook. This will trigger a call on your PBX phone system causing your physical desk phone to go off hook into speaker phone mode.

New Feature Texting is now available. Tell VoIPX to text John Smith with message number 1. To configure texting go into the web app and under the texts tab create a predefined text with a message number. Make sure your name is set in the settings tab as well. Texts will be sent using that name.

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