#1,595 Amazon Alexa Global Rank

Amazon Alexa and Vinli are here to make interacting with your Vinli-powered smart car easier. Getting information about your car and journey is now one question away.

Just ask:
- Alexa, what's my driving score?
- Alexa, where is my car?
- Alexa, how much fuel is left?
- Alexa, tell me about my trip.
- Alexa, how long was my drive?
- Alexa, how fast was I driving?
- Alexa, how many miles did I drive?
- Alexa, how's my car?
- Alexa, what's my odometer reading?

With Alexa and Vinli by your side, the open road is yours to take!

For instructions on how to set up your account with Alexa, visit here: If you need any additional help or have any questions, contact the Vinli Care Team at

This skill requires an adaptor and account powered by the Vinli Platform.

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