Vinci Hair Clinic

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Vinci Hair Clinic has several clinics worldwide dedicated to helping men and women battling hair loss and balding. We offer surgical hair transplants using FUT (Strip method), FUE (follicular Unit Extraction) as well as our unique Vinci Max technique that can transplant more hair than any other surgical method. We are the creators of the MSP, Micro Scalp Pigmentation who is a revolutionary non surgical procedure that can create the image of a shaved hair style even for those who are completely bald or suffer from more serious hair loss problems like alopecia areata. For those interested in medical treatment we offer the Alomesa Mesotherapy treatment, stem cell and PRP (plasma rich platelets) as well as more common medication like Finasteride and Minoxidil. Our goal is simple to have a solution that can help each and every hair loss case.

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