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VETA is a young talented DJ and singer. Many clubs in Latin America heard her voice and many festivals were happy to include her in their line up.

VETA ‘s sets are filled with the energy of the best dance hits of the world, produced by her own songs & grooves.�� Music styles: EDM, Electro House, Big Room, Trap VETA is a professional dancer and performer (in her arsenal Choreographic College, Academy of Arts & Culture, tours in more than 20 countries on 4 continents), so she is always on the same mood with her fans on the dance floor.�� She shared the stage with ATB, Global DeeJays, Lil Jon, Pet Shop Boys… Now VETA lives in Mexico, a country where electronic music is very fond of. Work is under way on the first album, which will include 10 new tracks, half of which will be sung by Veta.

VETA music:

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Social: Booking: whatsapp +52 5552156989

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