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ValMar Health is designed to educate and encourage people to become healthier. It is intended to be a tool for the lay person to learn, at the most basic level, how to integrate fresh whole foods into their diet. It is the company’s intension to help individuals transition into a more holistic lifestyle. ValMar Health’s main goal is to educate people on the scientific facts surrounding the evidence that a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle increases your chances of having a long and disease free life. The company has created a documentary that exposes seven lifestyle habits that are revolutionizing the health industry worldwide. In addition to the documentary they have a nine episode cooking show that describes which food groups we should be selecting our food from that helps prevent cancers, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and much more. The cooking show features 68 vegan recipes with a verity of culinary options to accommodate for any type of lifestyle. ValMar Health is publishing a cookbook that is comprised of 120 vegan recipes. The cook book is perfect for an individual who has a desire to steer away from the standard America diet and integrate more fresh, live foods into their diet. It is of the upmost importance to ValMar Health to lead people to Christ through His health message. Health evangelism is the sole purpose for ValMar Health. Every decision, action and reward should represent the values and standards set forth by God in His health message.

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