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The Vaa You Messenger can be used to send hands-free voice activated notifications to emergency contacts using Alexa enabled devices.

The users sign in at a companion website: and configure the available alert types with personalized alert messages and emergency contact information.

Note that 'Vaa You' cannot be used to make 911 calls. 'Vaa You' cannot be used as a substitute for emergency medical services. It can only be used to alert your personal emergency contacts.

The available alert types are fall alert, fire alert, burglar alert, diabetes alert, medical alert, overdose alert, gunman alert and a trial alert.

Once the alert has been configured, the app can be invoked by saying Alexa, Ask Vaa You to send alert where is one of the alerts that the user has configured. i.e one of the following :
[Burglar , Diabetes , Fall , Fire , Gunman , Trial , Overdose , Medical]

The app will be handy when the user wants to notify about an emergency and does not have the phone handy. By having emergency contact information and messages pre-configured, the user can conveniently access the app by only specifying the alert type.

Currently, the app is free to use and users can invoke the app unto 50 times.

This skill is not sponsored , endorsed or affiliated with the trademark Notify

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