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Your team makes progress every day. Our mission is to help you share that with each other. No extra meetings, no micro-management, just progress and appreciation.

Pick your days and time, and tact direct messages your team members with your custom greeting & question.

You don't even have to wait for the daily check-in! Message tact as you complete tasks throughout the day. Use #hashtags and an hour amount to track time against a project.

Example:  /tact I just did a thing! #awesome 2.5hr

An hour after the daily check in, tact sends everyone a link to a beautiful team summary. Quickly sort by group, user, hashtag and date to see hour totals for that project you just finished.

No login required, ever! Any direct message from tact will log that team member in securely. That's truly effortless onboarding!

It's never been easier to share progress with teammates and keep everyone on the same page.

Free for 3 months. $5/month after that, no matter your team size.  What are you waiting for? Let's do this! :)

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