TripmyWay: India Travel Guide

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We are creating self-guided tours that will make you immerse in the cultural heritage of a city.

You know that moment when you are sightseeing in a new place, when you walk through streets or look out from buses and taxis and think – I wonder what the people who live here do? What are stories in these beautiful places? I have only a few hours / days - how do I connect with this new place that I am visiting? For most of us, authentic information is hard to come by. You either need elaborate planning or extended stay. This is the gap that Ithaka is trying to fill.

So go ahead download the audio guides and start walking around the city - you are visiting or have lived in. Rediscover the travels and start collecting Story-worthy Moments.

We are collaborating with locals, historians, journalists and artists to create audio tours that will help you travel the way we always wanted to. We have even collaborated with INTACH (a UNESCO funded conservation national organization) in Delhi.

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