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Travel Thoughts PH is a Community/Social media page dedicated on promoting the tourism industry of the Philippines. With an active community of followers numbering more than 900,000+ on facebook, 19,000+ on Instagram not just in the Philippines but around the world, we are recognized to be one of the largest community of travellers in the Philippines.

It is our advocacy to promote tourism in the Philippines using witty & funny hugot or pick up lines on social media not just for travelers to appreciate the beauty of our country but also to help local communities generate income from tourism industry.

Submit your own travel hugot, photos, videos and stories now visit * Terms and condition applied.

Note : Photos, videos, articles and other contents are ; Original content of Travel Thoughts PH. Submitted by the followers of this page . Uploaded in * Terms and conditions applied. Posted in Travel Thoughts PH- DIY Travels Group. Public domain according to the CC0 license. License with-out attribution.
Under Fair Use Policy.

Travel Thoughts PH (Not Facebook) featured it with proper credits and owner's explicit consent, photos submitted to Travel Thoughts PH must indeed be the work of the one submitting it. We will delete if the submitted content if we find out the the one who send it is not the original owner.

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