Travel Partner in Tokyo

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Feel Culture Through Locals

This is our motto. We'd strongly like tourists to feel real Tokyo culture through a lot of local experience. a lot of linguistic/cultural barriers? Leave them to us, enjoy yourself!

Our service is all about supporting your trip, different from ordinary guiding service which just takes you to tourist spots. so why don't you have us in a limited amount of your time in Tokyo?

We are the team of friendly, outgoing and international people. Let's make a unforgettable trip!

Rate: Negotiable and depending on your conditions, but here's our basic rate.

half day 7000 yen = about $100 One day 12000 yen = about $140

The price is for Brief Guide. Other services are coming with it.

・Trip Planning ・Reservation Assistace for Restaurants, Hotels, Attractions, etc. ・Other Travel-related Assistance

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