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The idea of authors gathered around is connecting and strengthening the Croatian and regional network of artists, designers, musicians and general lovers of digital culture. Since the development of the Internet, traditional media ceased to be the privileged authority that decides on what is and is not news, and, in the period of just a few years, the Croatian online space has become a refuge for many creative and innovative media projects. One of them certainly is Transmeet.Tv, the first domestic web video platform which was created in early 2008 with the aim of broadcasting content rarely available in our mass media.’s editorial niche, therefore, touches upon all domains of modern art and urban culture while combining various journalistic forms. In this way, the works created in the Transmeet production laboratory range from author texts, short video reports, music videos, concert recordings to documentaries exploring a great number of different subjects. has been steadily building an audience from the moment it was founded in 2008., and it now has a faithful following of readers who trust our content and new visitors finding us every day.

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