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Transcendent Athlete Management “Driving Extreme Athletes to Define their Legacy” Providing high quality representation and consulting services to only the best Extreme Athletes in their sport(s).

Specifically, we provide Athletes with the proper tools and multifaceted representation divisions aimed to accommodate our clients individual interests, goals and careers. The Transcendent Sports Management team believes that it is essential to cater to the specific needs of each Extreme Athlete. We take a very individualized approach in doing so by providing very personal attention to each and every one of our clients. We want to get to know you, we want to know why you do what you do and how it came to be that you found your niche, we want to know your family and understand what you are aiming for as an Athlete. We will become your teammate and your biggest fan. Transcendent Athlete Management will accomplish these things by first building a solid foundation, upon which, we will assist you in constructing your empire; taking your career above and beyond your wildest dreams.

Our mission is to maximize all you have to offer. using our deeply rooted and vast knowledge and personal connections to the sporting world, we will maximize your value, both on and off, your playgrounds. Meaning, Transcendent Athlete Management will offer you things such as, contracts for endorsement deals, sponsorship packages, personal appearances, provide sponsored equipment, all inclusive travel expenses, multimedia (digital) advertising campaigns, opportunities in consulting with films and the gaming industries, appearing in commercials and print ads, availability of training camps, and health and nutrition compensation. By teaming up with Transcendent Sports Management, you will receive unprecedented representation. Spanning everything from contracts to financial planning, legal representation, multimedia focus groups and grand masters of all forms of digital publicity; all relevant in the world of extreme athletics.

We believe that in order to represent the most elite competitors, at the highest levels, their representation must understand the drive, the challenges, the passion and the absolute need to become transcendent as a competitor. We've lived these inherent emotions; we continue to thrive on them. Our staff includes ex-professional athletes, semi-pro coaches, trainers, and breakthrough superstar Athletes (some still in competition).

To add to the experience, we have top notch Attorneys, an independent wealth management staff, a young and highly talented IT crew, and a media team ready to jump on a plane and meet you at your next Championship in order to produce your new highlight videos.

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