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Tracey Walker is an Expert home-based business entrepreneur and internet marketer who has gone from foreclosure to becoming a self made millionaire in less than 5 years. She has an MBA in Marketing from Florida A&M University and an Honorary PhD from Global Oved Dei Seminary. Tracey is a multiple 7-Figure earner inside the industry of home based business and internet marketing, and is dedicated to the success of other entrepreneurs committed to expanding their businesses using online strategies and techniques!

As a native of the South Side of Chicago, Tracey grew up with a strong foundation built in education which was stressed by her mother. She graduated Top 10 in her High School Class and Magna Cum Laude from FAMU.

About 6 months after graduating with her MBA, Tracey was finally offered a position working for an energy marketing trading company in Atlanta, Ga.

She worked 12 hour shifts, suffered in rush hour traffic and put up with the corporate bureaucracy for as long as she could. But then in Feb of 2002, she was laid-off due to corporate downsizing, and for Tracey, she had received her “emancipation papers” and could follow her heart and her entrepreneurial spirit.

Immediately following her corporate severance, Tracey became a highly influential and successful real estate investor specializing in pre-foreclosures and negotiating short sales. It was the downturn in the market in 2006-07 that was the catalyst in her being exposed to and participating in the network marketing industry.

During her first years in network marketing, Tracey was an offline presenter for her previous network marketing companies. In this role, she not only led her own organization, but also trained the core team in Chicago of over 2000 distributors. It was here where she honed in on coaching and training serious network marketers to be successful.

In the spring of 2008, Tracey decided it was time to leverage her time and her knowledge a little bit more. She focused on building her business online and within 3 months, was offered a book deal where she was a featured co-author in The Power of Leadership Series. This opportunity gave Tracey the ability to appear in writing amongst the ranks a many New York Times best selling authors such as Ivan Misner and Ben Gay III.

As she became more skillful, Tracey utilized her internet marketing knowledge to personally enroll over 70 distributors in her second company-all online with the first 90 days. She was subsequently introduced to an online Attraction Marketing system, and became a top 5 producer of all-time in the system.

That experience connected her with a genius marketer, David Wood, in 2009 where they became friends.

When David launched his internet marketing system in 2011, Tracey was asked to come aboard, which she did and it was then that she formed her company, Pretty-Fly Enterprises, LLC.

As a result of her alignment with them and the company Empower Network, she earned over $1M NET in her first 27 months becoming the first female member of the Millionaire's Club. She has built one of the largest and high retentive GLOBAL teams in the company, has been a keynote speaker at all of their quarterly company events impacting up to 5,000 people at any given time, and is the #1 Female income earner of all time and securing a position within the Legacy Mastermind.

Tracey's field of expertise is Social Media, Content Marketing, Automated Sales Processes, and Team Building. She enjoys showing other home-based entrepreneurs how to use the multi-media and digital aspects of the internet to generate leads and sales for their businesses side by side with building and duplicating productive teams within their organizations.

Tracey has helped people to retire from their jobs, pay off their car loans, pay their mortgages, buy new cars, discover their passions, overcome obstacles and so much more as part of her mission to free more people from the financial, mental and emotional bondage many experience through the force of her powerful community, The Dream Team which is dedicated to the movement of free enterprise and self-sufficiency.

Tracey's product creation credits include:

Her 1st signature product Be Blog Savvy in 2010.

A CD training series: Prospecting, Selling And Closing Made Easy in 2011

Her debut self-published book: The Ultimate Team Building Formula (Amazon 2014)

Two membership coaching programs entitled: Speak Out 2B Heard (2015), Live Life Free (2016)

A 2-part docuseries entitled: “Journey To Freedom” and “Journey To Freedom: The Saga Continues”

And several websites providing value and training to home-based business entrepreneurs including: - one of the most exciting blogs in the Home-Based Business niche - her main source of connection to other entrepreneurs

Aside from being an ultra-successful entrepreneur, online marketer, business coach and published author, Tracey is a mom to her son Jasiah (and cat, Monte Cristo) and lives in Atlanta, Ga

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