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Imagine beloved acoustic guitar suddenly has the power to produce a loud reverb, or a tremolo effect, or a distortion, or... a backdrop of an orchestral set of strings — all this from within it’s own acoustic body, through the guitar sound hole! This is the Tonewood-Amp.

ToneWoodAmp gives acoustic guitar players the ability to add endless sounds and effects all coming from the hole of the guitar. It even connects to IOS devices and allows you to connect to any guitar app available. Imagine playing an acoustic like an electric but with it's own unique sounds coming from your guitar. No amplifier necessary so you can take it on the go and be free to create wherever you are. There is nothing else out there like it, it's new, innovative and changes the map of the acoustic guitar world. Let it help you go to places you originally wouldn't have gone. As one musician says ' It will mess with your senses' . Easy do it yourself install that promises not to harm your guitar. Two mounting options available.

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