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Today's Health Tip delivers a quick daily tip for a healthier lifestyle in your daily flash briefing from The Guud Company, delivering better health to every body, every day. From drinking lemon water to taking your vitamins we will deliver the hows and whys to leading a healthier lifestyle.

52 weeks of wellness will take 52 topics in health and wellness and guide you through a week at a time focusing on the hows and whys of wellness within that subject. From easy detox solutions to better dental health, we deliver upbeat health information that you can implement immediately.

We hope to update this skill regularly and have some fun plans for voice and visuals if you have the Alexa Show.

Please, if you like this tip in your flash briefing take 2 minutes to give us a 5 star rating. It will let us know that you are using it and wish to have our developers work hard on future implementations.

Think of it as virtual encouragement for our developers.

Our tips are research based but we are not medical doctors and this information is not intended to replace medical advice. Always consult with your physician about anything relating to your health.

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