Thumb Battle Bot

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Let's play thumb battle game! This game is very simple, and fun! Here's how to play the game

Every game has 4 phases : Join phase, Pooling Phase, Answer Phase and End game phase.

  1. Join Phase When one of the group member invoke /startgame or /startchaosgame, Click the JOIN button to join the game. This phase is available for 60 seconds.
  2. Pooling Phase After the Join Phase is ended, every joined players could pick one 👍, two 👍 or even zero thumb (🚫). This 👍 will be accumulated and a player must guess how many 👍 is picked by all the player. Don't worry, your pick will not displayed on others chat window. This phase is available for 60 seconds or as soon as all player pick their choice.
  3. Answer Phase I will choose one of the player to guess the total of 👍 picked on previous phase. To answer, simply type the number. If the guess is correct, the player will got additional score For Normal Mode, 1 point for every correct answer For Chaos Mode, the number of thumbs will be the scores.
  4. End Game phase The game will be ended when one of the player's scores reach the winning threshold. 3 Point for Normal Mode, and progressive winning threshold for chaos mode (depends on how many player join but with minimum 10 point)

Jackpot (only for Chaos Mode) Player could got a jackpot scores (and be a winner directly) if the total number of 👍 is 0 and the player answered it correctly.

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  • /startgame - Start the game with Normal mode
  • /startchaosgame - Start the game with chaos mode
  • /scoreboard - Check current scores
  • /help - Display help message