TheCovo - Global Migrant Workers Community

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A family away from home.

The difficulties and hardship migrant workers face have long been contentious issue.

The Covo - Global Migrant Workers community was born to raise social awareness of the lives and needs of migrant workers. We are here to unite and respect everyone.

The Covo means The Nest in Italian. Every migrant worker symbolises a bird, who is migrating for a living for family and country. Migrant workers come from different nationalities, but they all land on a united community “The Covo”. You will feel support, comfort, confidence and proud of yourself in this community.

Through the community, you can meet new friends, seek help and support and get the updated job information or news that matters to you.

Spread “The Covo” to your friends now and spread the spirit and build the community belonging to you!

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