The Tick's Housework Hero

#1,195 Amazon Alexa Global Rank

Let this skill help you meet your chore-tackling DESTINY and make the Tick proud! Your whole life has led up to this moment, and now it’s time to jump on through… with a beat you can scrub to!

Tackle chores in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or wherever you happen to be when you’re getting to it! The Tick’s Housework Hero provides the soundtrack and all the audible assistance you need!

Have your cleaning supplies at the ready.

Available Chores:
• Dusting
• Cleaning Out the Fridge
• Doing the Dishes
• Meal Prep
• Packing for a Trip
• Getting Out of Bed
• Sweeping
• Making the Bed
• Cleaning the Bathroom
• Laundry
… plus accompaniment to any chore that’s not on this list!

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