The Quest Factory Escape Rooms

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The door closed — now it’s only us and our brain. We need to join our efforts to get outta here! Completely new environment, new story, new life! And we have only 60 minutes! Can you do that? Are you witty and creative enough to find answers to puzzles, open code locks, solve riddles, decipher messages? Challenge yourself and your team. And if your friends throw you a party here — it will be one of the most exciting and never-before-seen experiences of your life.

Fly in the face of boredom and routine — feel yourself a pirate leader, an FBI agent, a Zombies fighter, a noble knight, or Aztecs treasure hunter — you don’t need a Time machine or a clone. You just need to book a room in the most immersive escape room ever! Book now.

Clinic DNA-altering virus is going around, turning people into Zombies. It would require a leap of faith to change the situation and get a cure from our Clinic, but you’ll have to solve some tasks on your way to survival! This horror-themed room is the largest in Los Angeles.

Queen Anne’s revenge You find yourself tied up on board Queen Anne’s Revenge sailing towards the open Ocean. If you don’t pull yourself together and manage to escape, all your team will be sold into slavery or worse…

Knight’s Legacy 15th century. You find yourself locked in the Knight’s Chambers full of authentic items of that time! Your escape will be truly unforgettable experience!

Impossible mission FBI agent’s career is on the line. He’s accused of the robbery. It seems that the whole thing is an elaborate setup aimed at him. Don’t let the guilty guys get away with it. Stop them and clear the name of FBI agent.

Laboratory of Lost Species This is one of the most thrilling rooms of our Quest Factory. Don’t you think it would be great to resurrect extinct species — wooly mammoth or Tasmanian tiger? Genetic experiments could do that. But here goes a radical turn, and you just need to escape!

Aztecs Have you ever thought you could enter the temple of the Aztec? The stories and myths about this civilization are numerous. But if you do not find a way to get out of this mysterious place, what will happen to you next, is not very promising…

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