The Music Quiz!

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The Music Quiz will challenge music lovers of all genres and time periods. Consider yourself a music historian? Test your knowledge w/ this skill.

This Amazon Alexa quiz was designed to have easier and more difficult questions for EVERYONE who takes it. Some questions will be simple and obvious to you, and some will be very hard to answer.

Be sure to take the skill many times, as there are hundreds of questions it can ask you... different questions each time you play. If you enjoyed taking The Music Quiz please remember to leave this skill a 5 star rating. The more ratings it receives, the more new questions will be added to the skill.



Hi all, first of all... thank you so much for checking out THE Music Quiz & your awesome positive feedback. Expect updates very soon!

I also wanted to share my new skill with you all. It was developed for children age 5 and under. If you have a young child, I would love for you to check it out. It's called Speak Listen Learn... here is the link:

If you and your child enjoy it... please remember to leave it a 5 star rating in your Alexa app, and support further development of the skill. Thanks in advance!!

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