The Float Space

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We are the Sunshine Coast's premier Floatation Therapy centre, located centrally in Maroochydore.

Floating in a super saturated solution of over 600kgs of Epsom salt and water frees you from the sensation of gravity, temperature, touch, sight and sound will conserve and redirect vast amounts of physical and mental energy. This will decompress the spine and induce a state of ultra-deep relaxation that will lower cortisol and melt away the tension stored in muscles.

Floating is extremely safe and an effective way to unplug from a hectic and overstimulated world thereby calming the mind, which greatly accelerates our body’s ability to heal itself from the rigours of modern life, such as stress, lack of sleep, intense workouts, shift work, jet lag, and more.

Float therapy works wonders for relaxation and recovery, but can also provide chronic pain relief, boost creativity and visualisation, and leave you with a euphoric afterglow that can last for days.

A one hour float is equivalent to 4 to 8 hours of deep sleep and its detoxing effect is equivalent to a 3-day fast!

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