The Fastpitch Softball TV Show

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Created by Gary Leland to help spread his passion about fastpitch Softball. Fastpitch TV is much more than a show about fastpitch softball. Fastpitch TV is a network of shows, blogs, and media created to make you a better softball player, a better softball coach, or a better informed softball parent. If you love softball you will love all the content that The Fastpitch TV Network creates.

The Fastpitch TV Network is located at http://Fastpitch.TV, and consists of the following shows.

  1. Fastpitch Chat Show - Featuring questions from fastpitch players, coaches, and parents. Gary tracks down softball professionals to answer the questions. Learn from some of the best coaches, and players in the world as they give great answers to fan questions. If you play or coach fastpitch softball, this short 5 minute or less show is sure to become one of your favorites.

  2. Win Some Softball Stuff Show - A wonderful new concept in softball videos. The Win Some Softball Stuff Show is a once a month show. Each episode offers the chance to win a great softball prize, and every episode has a new opportunity to win. This show is sure to become a favorite.

  3. Fastpitch TV Show - Fastpitch Softball TV Show has a new episode the first, and fifteenth of every month. Bringing you great clinics, camps, and fastpitch softball training from some of the all time greats in the sport. This show also brings you interviews from Olympic Softball Players, Hall of Fame Coaches, and both pro and college players. When it comes to fastpitch softball no one brings you more, than the Fastpitch TV Show.

  4. The Fastpitch Cheers Show - If yoe you a softball player that likes to keep your softball team motivated with great softball cheers, you are going to find this a great resource for new cheers. We add new videos from time to time, so check back for new softball cheers.

  5. The Softball Stuff Product Review Show - If you are into softball, you are going to love these great product reviews. These free softball videos are reviews of great softball products. It features reviews of bats, gloves, bat bags, and more. All the major softball equipment companies including Mizuno, Demarini, Worth, Louisville Slugger, and more are reviewed.

  6. The Softball Hangout Show - The first Google Hangout ever for softball. Join Gary and his friends for a round table conversation about fastpitch softball. There is no telling who will show up as a special guest. Discussions will cover anything, and everything that has to do with fastpitch softball. Join in the fun and send in your questions for us to answer live.

  7. The Fastpitch Softball Radio Show - On The Fastpitch Radio Show Gary interviews Olympians, Hall of Famers, and many other interesting people from the world of fastpitch softball. You are sure to find this show educational, as well as entertaining. The Fastpitch Radio Show was the first podcast on the internet dedicated solely to Softball.

  8. The Fastpitch Softball Magazine - A monthly publication available on a subscription basis. This magazine is for serious players, coaches, and parents. If you actually want to learn something that will improve your performance, this is the magazine for you. If you want information that will make you a better coach then you need to subscribe. If you are a parent that wants to be better educated, to help you child reach their goals then you are going to love The Fastpitch Softball Magazine. This is the first and only true e-magazine for fastpitch softball.

  9. The Fastpitch Blog - Gary uses The Fastpitch Blog to write his thoughts about the world of fastpitch softball. He may write about anything from the fastpitch softball events he attends, to the people he meets from his travels with Fastpitch TV. On occasion he may even invite a friend to write a post as a guest blogger. If you love fastpitch softball you are sure to enjoy this blog.

  10. - Back in 1999 was the first website dedicated to fastpitch Softball, and today is the backbone, and sponsor of all the content on The fastpitch TV network. If you enjoy all the free content that I bring you, I ask that you at least check out if I offer a competitive price please help support the shows, and buy from me.

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