The Bar Comic

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Since 2001, I have been traveling the country entertaining alcoholics at bars and nightclubs, casinos, fairs, festivals, and comedy clubs. In that time, I have racked up a plethora of experiences, stories, road dog wisdom, show biz skills, and thousands of hours of video documenting it. Every weekend, I continue to hit the road helping pack out nightclubs, taverns, and neighborhood bars by presenting and promoting special event live comedy shows. Those experiences will be shared here, in real time, thanks to this beautiful technology. Laughter is healing. I don't want to live in a world without art. My mission with bar comedy is to cut thru the mental junk food, divisiveness, and drama. Motivate people to forget about the bullshit, have a few drinks, eat some good food, blow off steam, and laugh their asses off. It's all about the love, baby

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