The Baby Sleep Company by Katie Forsythe

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World first online baby sleep improvement program...the Baby Sleep Project. The ONLY program with a guarantee of improvement and support from qualified professional sleep consultants as you put it into place. You will be offered multiple techniques - only ones that are backed by peer reviewed academic literature.

We are also available for personal in-home consultations, phone and Skype consultations if that's more your jam.

We are the 100% no-judgement guaranteed sleep consultants. We have walked thousands of miles in your tired shoes and understand what it's like to be so sleep deprived your eyes ache.

Our approach to sleep guidance is unique - you wont find any one-size-fits-all solutions offered here. We pride ourselves on truly tailoring our sleep services to fit each family and having our solutions be something that the parents are comfortable implementing.

We deliver sleep methods that will benefit both the child’s and the parent’s lives and we won’t force you to do anything you’re not comfortable with. We only use sleep methods that are backed by peer reviewed academic literature.

Please email us for more details or to request a consultation - [email protected]

Katie Forsythe - Certified Child Sleep Consultant Founder, The Baby Sleep Company

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