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I am interested in ICT, as the result I work very hard without IT background to develop and found many online services in the hope that they can contribute my beloved country, Cambodia that just recovered from the chronic civil war and economic embargo. In addition, we have to also promote small and medium enterprises (SMEs). ITC & SME contribute to definite growth and prosperity of the nation and I will not deny the government to continue investing in education and healthcare, while we need to build a strong generation with high skill and creative.

TEP Punloeu was born in Phnom Penh. He graduated from Faculty of Law and Economics in 2001 with a degree in Law.

He completed a Master of International Law, LL.M from Transnational Law and Business University, Seoul, Korea in 2004. His master degree required him to carry out various field studies in Europe related to International Governmental Organizations.

After spending two years in Seoul and Europe, he immediately served as an official for International Cooperation Department, National Authority for Combating Drugs for almost four years, and taught several courses mainly related to public law and international law.

During that time, he was also elected as a senior advisor to Cambodia Youth Future Organization. After his departure from the role of associate dean of law at the University of Cambodia, he has recently established his very own media group, focusing on electronic media and education - so-called Khmer79 Social Media.

He is currently attorney-at-law, business consultant and law lecturer at RUPP, RULE and UC.

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