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Welcome to the Middle Tennessee Futbol Club Facebook page We will not exclude ANY child from play for an inability to pay! We place fostering the child's morale above competition. Our goal is to help our children learn soccer in a world that teaches them to twerk, mass consumerism and leaves our kids feeling insufficient. Children today are being raised watching the Kardashians and other Television programming that makes them feel as if they are sub standard. Soccer or Futbol is the perfect medium to teach them that they can succeed if they try. Getting a child off the couch and on the soccer field is difficult usually only the first time, after that it is our job to keep them engaged, enthused and happy. Being a part of a team is a new experience for most children and foreign to them. They usually attempt to apply learned social behaviors like forming cliques and excluding kids who are normally excluded. None of this is tolerated in the Outkasts Futbol club an example being when we run a lap. The first time we run the faster kids outpace the slower kids and are proud when they come in first. The second time and every time after this I mandate that the team runs as a group. We will run as fast as our slowest player, this concept is totally foreign to the kids because the fast ones are usually taught that it is best to beat everyone else. Soccer is played as a team and it serves no team to have its members all playing at their individual speeds. When a team recognizes the talents and limitations of all it's members and adapts to them it is truly a team. At the end of each practice the kids all line up for a good old fashioned foot race, this is when the faster children can show their stuff. Our kids will learn to run as a team when necessary, leaving nobody behind and to run as an individual as fast as possible and when to employ each of these concepts. About the Middle Tennessee Futbol Club's team name the Outkasts. Sure we could have named ourselves the winners or the were better than you's. We could have even opted to name the team after some obscure animal or entity like the Dolphins or the raspberries however all of these team names are meaningless and quite honestly, dumb. The Outkasts are named primarily because one of our fundamental goals is to eliminate cliques and small groups of great soccer players from forming and secondly, a majority of the local soccer players truly feel like outkasts when they play. They either feel as if they play better than their team mates or more often, not as well as the rest of the team. If we can rally behind a name like the Outkasts then we can rally behind anything. When we show up at State sponsored tournaments we will enter the field of play with great pride as the Outkasts. If we are called the Outkasts how can any other team or person even attempt to make us feel as an outcast?

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