Taste Lady Boutique

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  1. 衣服全部是现货,存貨有限 All ready stock and limited stock

  2. 衣服不保留哦,先汇款先得~No reserved, first pay first served

3.面交 面交只在而连突,無收費 COD free just available at JERANTUT area.

  1. 貨品出貨后不能退換。Goods that sold are not refundable and exchangeable.

  2. 签收包裹后如衣服有任何損坏請在24小时内拍照及通知。超过24小时不受理。Please take pictures and notify immediately if any damages found on clothes after received the parcel within 24 hours. If exceed 24 hours we are not accept any damages about the clothes.

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