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SYE is the first English Community in Egypt, we offer top-notch English programs that are entertaining and educational at the same time through effective teaching methods to create exciting learning experiences and help students reach their goals.

-Vision: We believe, as an English Community, that we will be able to help each student to improve and change their life through the acquisition of English language skills. Also, we will provide English learners with student-exchange programs where they will be able to travel abroad to study and engage with English-speaking cultures. Moreover, we will present our services and spread concepts in the Arab world, reaching all of the middle-eastern countries.

-Our instructors: SYE English Community has a variety of qualified English instructors who are either CELTA, TEFL, or TESOL certified or have at least 3 years of experience in the field of teaching English as a foreign language. Also, the instructors are both natives (Americans, British) and non-native fluent English speakers (Egyptians). They are passionate about what they do, and always ready to support and help their students to be better English speakers and achieve their goals. They also tailor their English lessons according to the students’ needs.

-Our Activities: SYE provides English learners with amusing activities such as English outings, karaoke, workshops, English breakfast, English competitions, photo walk, Movie zone, and Reading corner.

-Our Events: At SYE, the events are always educational with a lot of entertainment, where students could receive general information, acquire vocabulary related to the event, and have fun. Also, both students and instructors participate in amusing role-plays and sometimes wear costumes, join discussions, and watch a movie or listen to songs. The main focus of our events is to encourage the guests to speak English and only English during the events.

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