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SwingBot handles the major email providers and allows for not just receiving mail but also sending and replying to mail directly out of Slack. SwingBot is compatible with the following services: 

  • Mail: Gmail, iCloud mail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail/Outlook, Office365, docomo mail, Softbank mail, EZweb mail, mineo mail, Y!mobile mail and Rakuten mail.
  • Chat: Twitter DM.
  • Calendars: Google Calendar, iCloud calendar.
  • Todos: Google Tasks, iCloud reminder. 
1: SwingBot notifies on Slack, only for important messages received in the users Gmail, iCloud, docomo and other major providers. Users can open and reply to mail without opening their mail app. Replies are sent through the original service provider so the mail app will reflect any communication carried out through SwingBot, allowing a seamless transition between the apps. SwingBot also checks for mail that needs replying to and gives the user notifications of any such mail.

2: SwingBot provides reminders and suggest an order in which to do tasks from Google and iCloud, calendars and task apps. SwingBot answers questions like “Today’s schedule?” “What’s next?”. Tasks can be added to Todo apps with entries such as “Remind me to take out the rubbish.” 

3: SwingBot also syncs with BHI’s Swingmail and Swingdo apps. Swingmail and Swingdo apps give access to mail and a one stop dashboard for todos. SwingBot updates these apps with any new data or commands entered.

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