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Vote for cool stuff and help other people with their daily decisions.

A swell contains a question and 2 options. A or B? This or That? High Heels or Sneakers? Hot or Not?

#whattowear for tonights party?

#whattobuy for prom?

#whattopost on Instagram?

Start voting now!

Swell yeah!

I'm a cute little whale called Swelly and I was born in July, 2016. I love to help millions of people with their daily decision by simply sending them instant & meaningful opinions from friends. My favourite places are the FB Messenger, Kik and Telegram.

You can also go to the app-store and download my app Swell Yeah for free. Swell is a social network for making decisions with your friends. 🐳🐳🐳🐳🐳

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