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In 1956, journalist Khasa Subba Rau with the patronage of C Rajagopalachari “Rajaji”, India’s last Governor-General, freedom fighter and statesman hailed by Mahatma Gandhi as his “conscience keeper”, launched a weekly magazine called Swarajya.

Swarajya was intended to convey the founders’ quest to translate the joy of freedom not only from foreign rule, but full freedom as defined and promised by the preamble of our constitution.

Swarajya represented the first coherent intellectual response to Nehruvian socialism and the ever expanding Big State in newly independent India.

Rajaji’s words remain as true as ever even, and especially now, in 2014! Swarajya will be an authoritative voice of reason representing the liberal centre-right point of view.

In its second coming, Swarajya remains committed to the ideals of individual liberty unmediated by the State or any other institution, freedom of expression and enterprise, national interest, and India’s vast and ancient cultural heritage.

Swarajya will be a big tent for liberal right of centre discourse that reaches out, engages and caters to the new India in a manner that's not arcane, abstruse, arrogant or self-referencing.

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