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Welcome to the Superstar DJ Academy community: a place for Upcoming DJs, Established Djs producers and music enthusiasts of all genres and backgrounds. Here you'll find info on what we are all about and the lifestyle and latest happenings in DJ & Electronic music culture. Mission

Our mission is to provide highest possible education and access to the dynamic art form of the DJ and producer. SDA lowers the barrier of entry to these crafts by providing access to amazing instructors, proven curriculum, state-of-the-art equipment, and scholarship opportunities. Live Webinars from the best in the DJ business. Private Coaching anywhere in the world. High Profile DJ Mentors. Workshops in Ibiza and many more Dance located areas worldwide including Locations in London, Amsterdam, New York, Miami, LA, Ibiza offer courses in DJ'ing and Music Production for all ages, all skill levels and all musical interests.

Our statement

Dj’ing itself is only 10% of getting there, the other 90% is having the right tools and marketing, That is right here in “Superstar DJ Academy” This is your time!

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