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I'm Tom Wickstead and I've always been fascinated by entrepreneur stories, business in general and where this crazy world we call home is going.

4 Years ago I had never read a book from cover to cover. Fast forward a few years and I can't explain how important and beneficial i've found it. Many of my guests come from these books, others not. But whats important is that these guests share their story in business so far and insights into their industry they are in.

What struggles these entrepreneurs, business men and women have been through and how they go to where they are, are the stories that fascinate me.

Its interesting to note that many of these entrepreneurs never set out to build the company that they currently own/run. They simply 'fell' into it by trying new things.

Whether you are Bill Gates or Warren Buffett we all struggle, we all have successes and we all have days where things are just not going our way..... I hope these stories gives someone something they can run with, gives someone determination, gives someone that little golden nugget.

If that someone is you. Good luck.... you'll be just fine.

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