Starship Captain's Log

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Based on user feedback, the 2.0 version of this skill is completely rewritten and enables you to record, retrieve, and now delete entries in your own personal captain's log. To activate the skill say OPEN CAPTAIN'S LOG. Each person in a home can have their own personal authorization code to keep their logs private. To keep Alexa from getting confused, it is best to make your log entries a collection of short phrases per session. While in most cases you can simply state your log entry, Alexa does have some reserved words, if you get an error, say START ENTRY followed by each sub log entry. Contextual HELP is available at any time.

Note: a special thank you to our first round of users. We have worked diligently to work around the challenges of the Alexa dialog model for 'free form text entries.' Only a few users had more than one entry in version 1.0. If you want your entries, please contact and we will work to retrieve your entries. We look forward to your feedback on version 2.0.

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