Sports Illustrated Play

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Sports Illustrated Play is a leading sports team and league management system, now providing schedules, communications, and more to busy coaches and youth sports families in an easy-to-use skill. The SI Play skill is free and can be used with any team or club using the SI Play Mobile App!

What Features are integrated with Alexa?

- Ask for upcoming game times & location

- Create games or practices (coach only)

- Get event location info, including weather updates

- Send a team chat and check most recent chat conversations


SI Play is smart sport technology designed to simplify your hectic sports life while also celebrating the stories, moments, and goodness of sport.

Our powerful suite of sports management tools are designed to help youth sports leagues and teams – plus the coaches, parents and fans that support them – operate with peak efficiency throughout their season.

Online registration and payments, league & team websites, scheduling, communications, digital player passes, live scoring and much more, all fully integrated from desktop to mobile app.

Whether you win, lose, or are just having fun, we believe in the power of PLAY. And as team parents, coaches, tournament directors, and league administrators ourselves, we know what it takes to make it all happen.

Simplify & Celebrate Your Sports Life!

To find out more about SI Play's league and team management services, visit:

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