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Document Collection:

Documents can be picked up from any location across India. At the moment our document collection services are in the states of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Haryana, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, West Bengal, Sikkim, Andamans, Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. Document Verification:

Subsequently, the documents get audited carefully and verified as per the client's norms by our specially trained verification executives. Verification involves reviewing, inspecting, and testing to establish that the document meets the regulatory standards, or specified norms. Data Compilation:

Data Compilation is gathering information from various sources into a predefined database for utilizing and analyzing the results for further suggestions, improvements, and/or recommendations. Data Processing:

Upon careful verification of each document, Data Processing starts. Data Processing means creating, handling, and indexing of documents for retrieval based on their content. That in itself involves the following processes: Our data processing steps are: Inwarding: For easy tracking of each and every document that enters our premises, a Unique Identification is allotted. This enables fast and accurate document retrieval. Batching: Another set of batch numbers are allotted for easy tracking of documents. Data entry: Done on our customized software, this involves the keying of information from handwritten text, printed document or scanned images to a database. Although data entry is done by our thoroughly trained and experienced Data Entry Operators, our intuitive software conducts checks at every stage of data entry. This ensures that at the very first stage data entry is 99% accurate. Validating: This is done to clean the data further and to ensure 100% accuracy. Document Scanning:

Document scanning allows immediate access to documents in an electronic format. The images are indexed in a manner that allows retrieval quickly and efficiently. Your documents can be accessed from any PC, network or the web. At any time of the process, customers can request a document or file to be returned to them. Duplicate CDs are recommended and are stored with us, if required. Data Storage:

You have the option of safely storing your boxes of documents at our computerized warehouse. This is an efficient and space saving solution for archiving your hard copy documents. Search & Retrival:

Along with being a cost-effective option, our computer- aided retrieval system ensures quick access to stored documents. In fact, unlike many of our competitors, we offer same day retrieval service. Address Verification:

As it is a critical requirement for some of our clients, we carry out address verification for them. Our Address Verification Agents visit even the remotest locations to verify addresses. Tele Calling:

We undertake all types of outbound tele-calling for customer verification as well as to pass on information to the customer

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