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Social Studio is ready to provide:

  • Social Media Reporting SocialStudio™ provides insights, trends and reports for audiences and industries within Palestine. Our reports and tools show key performance indicators for your pages, ads sufficiency and audience interaction. You must know where you are standing in order to know where your next step should be.

  • Social Media Marketing SocialStudio™ serves both commercial and non-profit accounts, through tailored social media strategies and tactics, which ultimately deliver the message to targeted audiences and generate desired ROI, and if you're too busy to achieve our plan, we are ready to help you with that!

  • Social Media Advertising Throughout 2014, SocialStudio™ developed different techniques of targeting, ensuring better targeting for audiences within Palestine. SocialStudio™ assets include lists of Facebook users IDs, emails, and connections categorized on different basis including geographical distribution.

  • Digital Presence Development SocialStudio™ team provides tailored solutions empowering online presence, visually appealing design, cutting edge technology and the latest trends in web design, including development of responsive websites that can be viewed easily through smart phones and tablet, which will dominate the Internet navigation scene in 2015.

  • Social Media Training SocialStudio™ experienced trainers cover most of the social media requirements locally. Our training provides novices with sufficient expertise to manage and run successful social media campaign, no one knows your business better than you! But we'll let you know how to reach your audience and what best practices to follow!

  • Tailored Social Media Services In a crowded market, you need to make a buzz! SocialStudio™ will be your partner in making that campaign happen. Special studies, interactive solutions, creative ideas and whatever your campaign needs to stand out, we'll make that ad hoc solution for you.

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